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Replacement Lenses ProStar Safety, Cover & Filter Lenses ® ProStar Cover & Safety Lenses Cover Lenses Clear lenses fit directly over your welding filter lens to protect from weld spatter. Safety Lenses Polycarbonate safety lenses are dual purpose for use as both an inside cover lens or an outside safety lens. Polycarbonate lenses meet all impact and penetration test requirements to meet 2010 ANSI Z87.1 standards for a safety lens. Material Cover Lens CR-39 poly bag CR-39 paper sleeve Glass Safety Lens Polycarbonate PRS64251 PRS64001 PRS64028 PRS64264 PRS64265 PRS64267 PRS64209 PRS64210 PRS64027 PRS64038 50mm 2 x 4-1/4” 4-1/2 x 5-1/4” ProStar Magnifying Lenses Fitnbehindnthenweldingnlensnfornbetternshort-rangenvision.n Thenhighernthendiopternnumber,nthengreaternthenmagnificationn power.nSizen2”nxn4-1/4”.nAvailableninnglassnornplastic. Strength Diopter 0.75 Diopter 1.00 Diopter 1.25 Diopter 1.50 Diopter 1.75 Diopter 2.00 Diopter 2.25 Diopter 2.50 Diopter 3.00 Plastic Part # PRS64200 PRS64201 PRS64202 PRS64203 PRS64204 PRS64205 PRS64206 PRS64207 PRS64208 Glass Part # PRS64000 PRS64002 PRS64003 PRS64004 PRS64005 PRS64006 PRS64007 PRS64008 PRS64009 Gold Filter Lenses Glass Filter Lenses Cover & Safety Lenses Magnifying Lenses ProStar Glass Filter Lenses HardenednglassnlensesnprovidenUVnandnIRnprotection,n durabilitynandnstrength.nBothnancovernlensnandnan polycarbonatensafetynlensnmustnbenusednonneithernsidenofn thenglassnfilternlensntonensurenproperneyenprotection. Shade Shade 3 Shade 4 Shade 5 Shade 6 Shade 7 Shade 8 Shade 9 Shade 10 Shade 11 Shade 12 Shade 13 Shade 14 50 mm PRS64241 PRS64252 PRS64253 PRS64254 PRS64255 PRS64256 2 x 4-1/4” PRS64010 PRS64011 4-1/2 x 5-1/4” PRS64239 PRS64240 PRS64012 PRS64029 PRS64013 PRS64014 PRS64015 PRS64016 PRS64211 PRS64030 PRS64031 PRS64032 PRS64017 PRS64033 PRS64018 PRS64019 PRS64020 PRS64021 PRS64034 PRS64035 PRS64036 PRS64037 ProStar Gold Filter Lenses Glass Shade Shade 8 Shade 9 2 x 4-1/4” PRS64258 Shade 10 PRS64259*† Shade 11 PRS64260† Shade 12 PRS64261† Shade 13 improved protection Designedntonallowninnmorenvisible,nnaturalnlight,n reducingneyenfatiguenandnimprovingneyenprotection.n Madenofnlightweightnpolycarbonate. Polycarbonate 2 x 4-1/4” PRS64257 PRS64212 PRS64213 PRS64214 PRS64215 PRS64246 Available in silver filter lens coating which helps reflect glare and heat from the welding arc. 4-1/2 x 5-1/4” PRS64262 PRS64216 PRS64217 PRS64218 PRS64219 PRS64249 * Shade 10 glass is also available in 4-1/2 x 5-1/4” (PRS64263). † E9 SAFETY PRODUCTS

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