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Technical Data Abbreviations and Symbols Symbol Definition N N/A nbp Not Applicable normal boiling point NDIR Non–Dispersive Infrared Analyzer NDUV Non–Dispersive Ultraviolet Analyzer NER normal evaporation rate NF National Formulary NFPA National Fire Protection Association NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health NIST nm No National Institute of Standards and Technology nanometer(s) NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy number nom nominal NOS Not Otherwise Specified NPD Nitrogen/Phosphorous Detector NPT National Pipe Thread NTP Normal Temperature and Pressure NTRM NIST Traceable Reference Material O OD Outside Diameter Ohm–cm ohms centimeter OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration ounce(s) oz P Pa PID ppb Pascal(s) PAMS Photochemical Air Monitoring Systems Photo Ionization Detector part(s) per billion ppba part(s) per billion atomic ppbv part(s) per billion by volume ppbw part(s) per billion by weight ppm part(s) per million Symbol Definition P, continued ppma part(s) per million atomic ppmv part(s) per million by volume ppmw part(s) per million by weight ppt part(s) per trillion ppta pptv pptw psi psia psig Q QA Quality Assurance QC Quality Control R Ra Roughness average RFO Restricted Flow Orifice °R degree(s) Rankine S scc sccs scfh scfm scfs sec SFE slpm sp. gr. standard cubic centimeters sccm standard cubic centimeters per minute standard cubic centimeters per second standard cubic feet per hour standard cubic feet per minute standard cubic feet per second second(s) SFC Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Supercritical Fluid Extraction standard liters per minute specific gravity sp. vol. specific volume SRM Standard Reference Materials SS Stainless Steel Stn. Stl. Stainless Steel STEL Short Term Exposure Limit STP Standard Temperature and Pressure W w.c. wt. water column pressure weight wt% weight percent wt. ppm weight parts per million Y yd > ≥ < ≤ yard(s) H Greater than Greater than or equal Less than Less than or equal 15 V VAC Volts Alternating Current VDC Volts Direct Current VOC Volatile Organic Compounds vol volume vol% volume percent part(s) per trillion atomic part(s) per trillion by volume part(s) per trillion by weight pound(s) – force per square inch pound(s) – force per square inch absolute pound(s) – force per square inch gauge Symbol Definition T TCD Thermal Conductivity Detector TEA Transversely Excited Atmosphere THC Total Hydrocarbon Content TLV tp Threshold Limit Value triple point TPH Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons TWA Time Weighted Average U UEL Upper Explosive Limiit UHP Ultra High Purity UN United Nations USP United States Pharmacopoeia 1-877-PRAXAIR

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